12x24 Run in/loafing Horse Barn Plan with added tack room bonus

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12x24 Run in/loafing Horse Barn Plan with added tack room Includes:

Post and Beam Construction - Plans include common post and beam construction

Oak Kick boards and Siding - Choice of 3/4" plywood,1x8 oak boards, or 1x10 pineboards

Door Plans - Door plan for tack room is included

Foundation - Built on 12” round concrete piers or direct bury post

Floor - Optional existing ground or poured concrete slab. Wood floor used in the tack room

Wall Framing - Posts are 4x4, Girt oak boards are 2x4

Wall Height - 10’ 6" Front and Rear is 8’ 6”

Window - None included. Easily added to any wall if desired

Siding - Battens  1x2, 1x10 boards

Roof - Template included. Framed using 2x8's for the rafters and sheeted with 1/2" OSB

Roof Pitch and Overhang- Front - 2/12 pitch, 12” overhang on sides and 12” on back. 24” front overhang

Roofing Materials - Corrugated metal roofing or asphalt shingles

Trim - 1x4 finished wood corners

Engineering - All design loads are drawn "typical". Specific modifications for local wind, soil conditions etc are made through a local engineer. Often required by the building dept.

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