6 Must-Haves for Your Man Cave Pole Barn

6 Must-Haves for Your Man Cave Pole Barn

6 Must-Haves for Your Man Cave Pole Barn

So you've decided to build yourself a man cave. And of course you're going to be the one building it, since that's the manly thing to do. As you're planning and building your man cave, keep in mind that this is going to be more than just another living space; it's going to be your living space. As such, there are some must-haves you need to incorporate into your man cave plans.

Professional Pole Barn Plans

I know, I know. You threw away the instructions to your childhood lego set, because a manly man doesn’t need instructions to build a 14-inch Millennium Falcon. But your pole barn man cave isn’t a toy or a decoration — it’s your own personal party space. As such, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Our pole barn floor plans will not only help you produce the highest quality barn for your man cave, but it will also help you avoid overspending on materials. Spending money when you don’t have to is never cool.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Summer is here. And it's hot. Really hot. And pole barns do a pretty good job of retaining heat. Unless you want to have a sauna for a man cave, find a way to cool things down in there. There are multiple options you can use. You can place portable air conditioners in strategic locations in your man cave. Window units are cheap, but they tend to be pretty noisy. Through the wall units are comparatively quiet and if you get an AC/heating combo you can make sure your man cave stays warm if it gets too cold outside. Ductless mini-split air conditioner units are also an option. They can be more expensive, but are quiet and again offer the AC/heating combo.

Comfortable Furnishings

If you want to lounge and be comfortable, you need to have furnishings that serve that purpose. The furnishings you choose will depend on your style, but regardless of whether your style is laid back and casual or a bit more refined and formal, you'll be able to find comfortable furnishings to outfit your space. Recliners, sofas, and oversized bean bags can be fantastic to lounge on. If you plan to host guests, you'll want to keep that in mind as well when making your plans. Don't forget to plan your lighting, tables, and any shelving you need to store your belongings.


Entertainment is definitely a man-cave must. Whether it's an epic entertainment center, a killer sound system, or games such as foosball, pool, or ping pong, you definitely need to include some form of manly entertainment. This is your place to just kick back and relax in. It's also your place to chill with the guys. Love the Super Bowl? Watch it in the man cave. Want to host a game night? The possibilities only end with your collection of games, whether they are board games, video games, card games, etc.

Food and Beverages

If you're going to be spending much time at all in your man cave, you need to make sure it's stocked with your favorite snacks and beverages. As a man, you need to make sure you have plenty of fuel to keep you going while you chase after whatever manly endeavors you've elected to pursue in your man cave. While it may be tempting to focus on the junk foods, find a balance with some healthy snacks as well. You need to feed both your heart and your head, and while your heart may appreciate an endless supply of jerky, wings, and popcorn, you'll need to balance it out with some healthy alternatives from time to time to keep your head in the game.

Manly Decor

Of course, no man cave is complete without some manly decor. Like your furnishings, what that decor is will depend largely on your personal style. If you're into hunting, consider putting some of your trophies on display. If you're into sports, your man cave is the perfect spot to give your memorabilia the spotlight it deserves. If you're a movie buff, some movie posters are definitely in order. Feel free to decorate in whatever way suits you best. Remember, this is your space. You call the shots here.

You deserve a man cave that comes equipped with all the man cave must-haves. It should cater to your every comfort and provide you with the perfect escape when you need some quality man time. You're building it. Don't forget to make it your own in every way.